The Theft of Thor’s Hammer, The Lay of Thrym by Larisa Hunter

The Theft of Thor’s Hammer, The Lay of Thrym by Larisa Hunter.


Why I’m Not Pagan

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  Rogue Priest

So here’s something interesting. My article on expostmodernism and subsequent discussion of expostmodern religion triggered a huge response in the Pagan community.

If you don’t know, Paganism is a group of religions based partly on ancient myth and largely on late medieval folk practices, with a fair dose of contemporary innovation thrown in.

During these discussions a lot of people assumed I must be Pagan myself. It’s understandable; I’m a priest at a temple for the ancient Gaelic gods. I have a lot of Pagan friends and I do a column about the Heroic Life at the Patheos Pagan portal.

Pretty fair mix up, really.

But when I clarified it left some folks scratching their heads. Blogger Teo Bishop asked me if I could explain how exactly I’m not Pagan, since I follow the same gods that many Pagans do. So let’s do this.

Starting Off Young

When I was…

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