Ancient Celtic Women

Ancient Celtic Women.


About wllmwolf I am currently attending Illinois Central College for Physical Therapy; I started classes January 17th, 2012. I would like to share part of my history so that you know who I am on a more personal level. I was born December 15th, 1975 in Cleveland, TN. Which is a small town and then I was adopted at 10 months by my foster parents, the Brook family. I was a foster child at first, because the state took me away from my biological family, because my father beat me and had me sleeping in a dresser drawer. I grew up in Tampa, Fl, which at the time was the lightning capital of the world. I grew up in a diverse area, but most of Tampa is a diverse area, due to the large population and snow birds. I met my wife online; in a spiritual chat room. The internet and chat rooms were very new in 1999.

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